Project Task Assignment Template

Project Task Assignment Template

Preparing Project Task Assignments is a daunting proposition. However, if the right technique is followed, it can be done efficiently. Before you start with Project Task Assignment, you must understand properly what a project task is. A project task is a single job or a single unit of work. Projects are made of multiple numbers Read More

Weekly Time Sheet Template

Weekly Time Sheet

Using effective weekly time sheet helps in recording and calculating billable hours and non-billable hours from the hours worked. This is a net calculation of man hours a company spends. Ideally, a weekly time sheet has information about the hours worked in a week, in the decimal format. A weekly time sheet should ideally begin Read More

Weekly Goals & Objectives Planner Sheet Template

Weekly Goals and Objectives

While planning a project, first and foremost step is to develop goals and objectives. A broad and long term change which a company works toward, usually a statement they ultimately want to achieve is called Goal. In other words, destination point defined by them is their goal. Whereas, the statements about more specific and immediate Read More

Packing List Template


Every time we travel, we tend to forget something. To avoid this eventuality, the simple thing to do is to have a Packing List. It can streamline the process of packing. No more running around helter-skelter, racking your brains over what to pack and what not to. With a Packing List, it is all made Read More

Quotation Evaluation Sheet Template

Quotation Evaluation Template

Once the quotations are made and recorded, it is important for both parties (the buyer and the seller) to know how their quotations will be evaluated. Since, so many quotations are received from various clients, thus, it is not easy to choose one of those and fix the deal immediately. Hence, these quotations are to Read More

Quotation Record Log Template

Quotation Record Log

A Business cannot run solely without any support from various other companies or services. Be it small or a big million worth company, it has to deal with projects which require materials, machines, components etc. in it. All these things cannot be produced under one roof. Some of them are rented, some are purchased etc. Read More

Auto Expense Report Template

Auto Expense Report

Auto Expense Reports are usually used to create an effective report for your auto expenses. Here you mention how much mileage your vehicle has traveled and also the rate per Gallon to demand for the reimbursement purpose. Further, include your name, contact details, designation and month as a reference if needed later. This Auto Expense Report Read More

Network Sources List Template

List of Network SourcesTemplate

Before knowing the steps on how to prepare a network sources document, it is essential to know, what type of document is it. Whenever a company makes any amount of financial transaction, a paper trail is generated. This paper trail is known as a Network Source Document. So, when a small business writes a check Read More

Project Timetable Template

Project Timetable Template

For any organization to succeed, projects play a vital role. It takes a lot of time for managers to plan and execute them. Thus, there is a need to schedule your projects and prepare an efficient timetable to complete these projects in time. Effective timetable of the projects ensure success of these projects and thus Read More

Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance is regarded as work ethics. The company maintains a meeting attendance log to keep record of their employee’s attendance as it affects the functionality of the company. The employers value the attendance the most. Attendance is counted as the work behaviors like productivity, appearance, and attitude. Meeting Attendance log has an important impact on Read More

Home Improvement Record List Template

Home Improvement Record List

Your house is your safe haven where you spend countless hours with your loved ones. It is that one place which truly reflects you and speaks volumes about you. During the course of your residence at your home, you will be making some changes and improving your home for various reasons such as improving the Read More

Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt Template

Whenever one orders something online, or has something delivered, one is asked to sign a Goods Delivery Receipt. This Goods delivery receipt is a receipt which is received by the person who is receiving a certain delivery of goods or products. It acts as a confirmation to the sender that the person who was meant Read More

Expense Report Template

Expense Report Template

An Expense Report is a tool that an organization makes uses of to determine what expenses have incurred during the year for the organization. Many a times, organizations make an expense report on a quarterly basis (there are 4 quarters in a year) to determine how much expense has the organization bared, from where it Read More