Trip Permission Slip Template

School Trip Permission Slip Template

A child needs a parent’s or a guardian’s permission to go on a trip from school. This is mandatory for all. Without the permission of a parent or guardian, they cannot go on trips with another adult. For this the parent or the guardian needs to sign a Trip Permission Slip. Here we are going Read More

School Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance Sheet

The importance of School Attendance Sheet is manifold. The importance of attendance in school and keeping a record for it for each student cannot be stressed enough. School attendance is imperative throughout a student’s school life. Equally important is the tracking of his/her attendance. This can be done by school authorities using different software. School Read More

Course Syllabus Template

Course Syllabus Template

A Course Syllabus is a sort of a guide to map out the structure and content of any given course. A Course Syllabus usually has information about the course content, course structure, the instructor, objectives of the course, students’ expectations, and the assignments for the course. Planning Course Syllabus can include the vision of the Read More

Merit Certificate Template

Merit Certificate Template

Merit Certificate Design guidelines can be found online or in books. Merit Certificates are given to professionals in recognition for exemplary work in their field of occupation. A Merit Certificate Design needs to follow a template. Merit Certificates are given to professionals and therefore should look professional. Merit Certificate Design is not very complicated. A Read More

Student Award Template

Student Award Template

Student Award Design guidelines are to be followed to create a Student Award Design. Student awards are usually granted when a student performs exceptionally well, surpassing expectations. Outstanding performance is awarded by school or college authorities. These outstanding students are awarded in grants and kind, and sometimes only in kind. Whatever the case may be, Read More

Vacation Request Form Template

Vacation Request Form

Continuous work and no fun will make you exhausted and stressed, when you’re trapped in the pressures of work; it’s hard to perceive things rationally. Taking a break is necessary to determine what your job meant to you and how much time should it takes to keep you survive happily with your lifestyle. It is Read More

Leadership Certificate Template

Leadership Award Template

Leaders should exemplify the qualities that are expected in their working scenario. Though leaders are of diverse nature but energy, enthusiasm, dealing calmly in crises, and fair workings are the elements that are common in an effective leader. Leader should be expert in his field with complete professional or technical knowledge. A good leader is Read More