Seminar Evaluation Form

Seminar Evaluation Form

The Seminar Evaluation Form is intended to provide the company and the seminar speakers with helpful and constructive feedback about the overall seminar experience that will help them to improve and make necessary changes during other seminars in the near future. Below you will find what should be included in Seminar Evaluation Form. Company: This Read More

Educational Meeting Name Badge Template

Name Badge - Education

  Educational Name Badge carries branding of the learning institution. It completes a look, endorses an image and is vital connection between the student and other people outside and inside the school. When you meet with a student for the first time, the first thing you will notice is the name badge. Educational Name Badges Read More

Meeting Agenda – Basic & Simple

Meeting Agenda

A meeting comprises of an open debate or a discussion on certain important issues or business opportunities. Every meeting is held with some key points at hand and these key points usually gives rise to the Meeting Agenda. The Meeting Agenda will constitute the list of activities and issues to be discussed during the meeting. Read More

Meeting Reminder Template

Meeting Reminder Template

Most companies hold meetings to discuss and tackle important issues that affect their business positively. If someone has a lot in their plate to handle or they usually have busy schedule, then forgetting is just natural. People who are likely to forget meetings or appointments can simply use Meeting Reminder tools to keep track of Read More

Meeting Action Items Template

Meeting Action Items

The most important aspect of holding a meeting is to discuss and agree on how tasks and projects should be implemented. Action items are discrete tasks that must be tackled and accomplished by an individual, team or a group. Action items should be documented clearly and all crucial details must be included. Action items are Read More

Name Badge Template – Financial Meeting

Name Badge Template - Finance Meeting

Official Name Badges are a way of identification for employees in the corporate sector. These are widely used and have their uses. An Official Name Badge helps in building corporate identity. The fact that you wear a company name badge instantly identifies you as an employee of that particular company. Corporate name badges have the Read More

Name Badge Template – Medical Meeting

Name Badge Template - Medical Meeting

On a showroom floor where employees and customers mingle freely, employees wearing name badges can be easily identified. Customers don’t have to run around asking for help. If an employee is working behind a desk or a counter, an Official Name Badge can help customers identify the employee easily. An employee will automatically take ownership Read More

Blank Name Badge Template

Blank Name Badge Template

There are several reasons why Name Badges are important. There are many advantages of a Name Badge, the primary among which is security. It is also a good marketing tool. A Name Badge or tag helps in building a corporate identity. It is a way of branding. The Name Badge of every employee has the Read More

Name Badge Template – Human Resource Meeting

Name Badge Template - Human Resource

If you are a showroom where customers and employees roam in the same space, a Name Badge makes it possible for the customers to identify employees and ask their help. It is also an intelligent way to make communication more personal between customers and employees. With a Name Badge, a customer can directly ask an Read More