Daily Production Report Template

Daily Production Report Template

Production schedule is a plan sheet of how the production budget should be spent over a given period of time. Let’s say like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on the time scale of the business project. To run a successful business, you need to prepare Daily Production Schedule. This will help you to Read More

Daily Time Sheet Template

Daily Time Sheet Template

Daily Time Sheet Format is web based time sheet solution that is designed to help the employers in keeping track of their employee performance. You can analyze the employee’s efficiency and dedication to their work using the Daily Time Sheet. Time tracking process is different and unique to every employee depending on their position, duties Read More

Store-to-Store Sales Sheet Template

Store-to-Store Sales Sheet

Sales are the driving force behind all businesses, both products and services. Manufacturing and production is important to a business. However, if it does not generate sales, it will not generate revenue and there will be no profit in the business. In fact, sale is the single most important factor behind revenue. Production, manufacturing, and Read More

Purchase Order Log Template

Purchase Order Log

Whether you own a small company or a big one, you must be aware of the effective uses of Purchase Order Log. A purchase order is a contract made between the buyer and seller of goods. A Purchase Order Log creates an effective paper trail in case of purchases made by your company. There are Read More

Trip Permission Slip Template

School Trip Permission Slip Template

A child needs a parent’s or a guardian’s permission to go on a trip from school. This is mandatory for all. Without the permission of a parent or guardian, they cannot go on trips with another adult. For this the parent or the guardian needs to sign a Trip Permission Slip. Here we are going Read More

School Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance Sheet

The importance of School Attendance Sheet is manifold. The importance of attendance in school and keeping a record for it for each student cannot be stressed enough. School attendance is imperative throughout a student’s school life. Equally important is the tracking of his/her attendance. This can be done by school authorities using different software. School Read More

Trip Expense Report Template – MS Excel

Trip Expense Report Template

Business people and employees have to travel a lot. At the time of making a trip, they use their credit cards to book air tickets, taxis, hotels, etc. These expenses need to be reimbursed by their companies at a future date. To tell the company how much they have spent on the entire trip, inclusive Read More

Company Property Receipt Template

Company Property Receipt Template

Preparing a Company Property Receipt is simple enough. It is usually printed out to hand to employees when they borrow or return company property such as laptops, furniture, vehicles, etc. A Company Property Receipt should have all the particulars of the employee that borrows a particular company property like location of the employee and the Read More

Employee Expense Report Template

Employee Expense Report Template

Preparing an Employee Expense Report is simple when you have all the information and the details that you need to populate it with. To begin with, you need all the receipts showing the expenditure that you incurred in the course of business. The rest simply follows. An Employee Expense Report is a report requesting reimbursement Read More

Project Task Assignment Template

Project Task Assignment Template

Preparing Project Task Assignments is a daunting proposition. However, if the right technique is followed, it can be done efficiently. Before you start with Project Task Assignment, you must understand properly what a project task is. A project task is a single job or a single unit of work. Projects are made of multiple numbers Read More

Weekly Goals & Objectives Planner Sheet Template

Weekly Goals and Objectives

While planning a project, first and foremost step is to develop goals and objectives. A broad and long term change which a company works toward, usually a statement they ultimately want to achieve is called Goal. In other words, destination point defined by them is their goal. Whereas, the statements about more specific and immediate Read More

Packing List Template


Every time we travel, we tend to forget something. To avoid this eventuality, the simple thing to do is to have a Packing List. It can streamline the process of packing. No more running around helter-skelter, racking your brains over what to pack and what not to. With a Packing List, it is all made Read More

Quotation Evaluation Sheet Template

Quotation Evaluation Template

Once the quotations are made and recorded, it is important for both parties (the buyer and the seller) to know how their quotations will be evaluated. Since, so many quotations are received from various clients, thus, it is not easy to choose one of those and fix the deal immediately. Hence, these quotations are to Read More

Quotation Record Log Template

Quotation Record Log

A Business cannot run solely without any support from various other companies or services. Be it small or a big million worth company, it has to deal with projects which require materials, machines, components etc. in it. All these things cannot be produced under one roof. Some of them are rented, some are purchased etc. Read More

Auto Expense Report Template

Auto Expense Report

Auto Expense Reports are usually used to create an effective report for your auto expenses. Here you mention how much mileage your vehicle has traveled and also the rate per Gallon to demand for the reimbursement purpose. Further, include your name, contact details, designation and month as a reference if needed later. This Auto Expense Report Read More