Press Release Template & Format

Press Release Template

An Official Press Release is a written or oral documentation which is directed to the news media for publication. It announces something that is alleged to be a news or notification. An Official Press Release plays a vital role in turning normal inquiries of an organization into sale. The public will see the information on Read More

Fax Cover with Blue Gray Edge

Fax Cover with Blue Gray Edge

Fax Cover Sheet is mostly used in setting the tone of the fax message and also the cover sheet can be used to add your personal details and as indication of the importance of the fax message. For you to achieve the professional look on your Fax Cover Sheet, avoid using cartoons images on the Read More

Fax Cover Sheet Template with Dashed Lines

Fax Cover Sheet with Dashed Line

Fax Cover Sheets will act as an envelope for you fax message. The cover sheet will provide all the necessary information about the message on a single page. The fax communication method is becoming more sophisticated as technology keeps on advancing and improving day by day. Fax Cover Sheet can be done with a lot Read More

Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

The company is committed to provide safe and productive work environment that is consisted with the standards of the community. Alcohol and other drug substance abuse in an office is the key factor that affects the employee’s productivity and increases absenteeism. Scope Drug and Alcohol Policy will provide the framework to tackle alcohol drug substance Read More

Transmittal Letter – Example & Format

Transmittal Letter

Transmittal Letter is accompanied with a long document or some large item. This letter is used to convey a specific context of the document to the recipient, and at the same time keep a permanent record of the document sent. Cover letters, usually used with resumes or job application forms which are sent to the Read More

Memorandum Template

Memorandum Template

Memorandum is a medium to communicate key information within and outside an organization. The communicative information is circulated and the inference is analyzed which is based on a single clear call to action. There are many forms of memorandum like memorandum of understanding, a policy memo, memorandum of agreement, or memorandum of association. It could Read More

Vacation Request Form Template

Vacation Request Form

Continuous work and no fun will make you exhausted and stressed, when you’re trapped in the pressures of work; it’s hard to perceive things rationally. Taking a break is necessary to determine what your job meant to you and how much time should it takes to keep you survive happily with your lifestyle. It is Read More

Job Application Form Template

Job Application Form

Employers will expect you to provide either a letter of application or a resume to apply for a job. The letter of application is usually a one page, flawless, precise and attractive outline of relevant job experiences, skills, accomplishments, and academic credentials. The resume is a detailed chronology of academic and previous job experiences. You Read More