Hourly Invoice Template


An Hourly Invoice should be prim and proper, and you should be able to get paid by clients at the right time. Invoicing is not fun but it’s necessary.  It’s a good way of setting your expectations with clients. It ensures that you get paid on time and it reinforces professionalism. It may also represent Read More

Professional Service Invoice Template

Service Invoice Template

If you are in the service industry, preparing professional Service Invoice is imperative. Service providers and small businesses may use templates to do this. These can all be downloaded from the internet. There are general invoices that list a description of the product and the amount. Other invoices specify the hourly rates and total charges. Read More

Job Estimate Template

Job Estimate Template

We cannot give standard price for all kind of goods or services alike. It is due to different skills, expertise, time, cost and material required for a job that is inconsistent depending on different factors. These factors may include anything from customer’s defined specification to trends, seasonal needs to size of project, and many more. Read More

Product Invoice Template

Product Invoice Template

You need the cash flow to keep your business running. If the cash flow stops, your business can’t flourish and your family doesn’t eat. Creating product invoices in effective way is the cornerstone of getting paid. Invoices keep everything on record and you get paid faster and on time. Product invoices are the bills of Read More

Quotation Evaluation Sheet Template

Quotation Evaluation Template

Once the quotations are made and recorded, it is important for both parties (the buyer and the seller) to know how their quotations will be evaluated. Since, so many quotations are received from various clients, thus, it is not easy to choose one of those and fix the deal immediately. Hence, these quotations are to Read More

Quotation Record Log Template

Quotation Record Log

A Business cannot run solely without any support from various other companies or services. Be it small or a big million worth company, it has to deal with projects which require materials, machines, components etc. in it. All these things cannot be produced under one roof. Some of them are rented, some are purchased etc. Read More