Monthly Sales Seasonality Analysis Template


Seasonal sales are not easy to analyze. When sales are good it becomes hard for you to know if good sales are better than usual and when sales are bad it also becomes hard to know if bad sales are worse than the usual. Monthly Sales Seasonality Analysis will give you valuable information of the Read More

Quarterly Budget Analysis Template

Quarterly Budget Analysis Template

Every well established business and companies rely on a proper financial management which is a vital key element behind their success. Good management of finances will enable business or company’s management team to meet their financial goals and have a profitable business year. Quarterly Budget Analysis is the most effective budgeting process that will help Read More

Direct Marketing Analysis Template

Direct Marketing Analysis Template

In Direct Marketing Analysis, there are some basics that do not change but they need to be augmented with up to date insights over time. The importance of these basics in direct marketing is that they will assist you in knowing what is working for your business and what is hurting you business wise. In Read More

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Template

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis refers to the process through which a business or an organization will determine whether to carry on a certain project or not. The Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis process will involve the estimation of the initial amount of finances the business has to invest on particular project and the amount of revenue Read More

Business Closing Analysis Sheet Template

Business Closing Cost Analysis Template

Starting a business is the greatest risk that an entrepreneur can take. Not all business startups are guaranteed to be successful. So if your business is not doing so well then you should consider selling to a willing buyer or closing it completely. Below you will find the key elements of Business Closing Analysis Sheet. Read More

Five Year Projections Template

Five Years Business Projections

Financial projections lie at the heart of Business Planning. Investors want to know that their money is well invested. For them financial projection of their business is the most important thing. Financial projection includes balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow. Any business planning worth its salt must have financial projection. Five Year Read More

Business Acquisition Worksheet Template

Business Acquisition Worksheet

A Business Acquisition Worksheet basically assesses the worth of a business. A Business Acquisition Worksheet comprises sales revenue, interests, depreciation, and total expenses. The key elements of Business Acquisition Worksheet are laid down here. A Business Acquisition Worksheet gives an insight into the present liabilities and assets of a company. The current liabilities and assets Read More

Break-Even Analysis Template

Break-Even Analysis Template

The Break-even point in a business is the point at which a business generates revenue that is equal to the cost of business. In other words, the revenue of the business is as much as the money spent to generate that revenue. Break-Even Analysis is an analysis of a business’s break-even point. It is an Read More

Business Indebtedness Template

Business Indebtedness Template

Whether you are a big company or a small one, it is very important to know the tips and tricks of Business Indebtedness. Filing for bankruptcy is an effective way for small to medium business owners to get out of debt. However, this can affect their credit scores and cost a lot in attorney fees. Read More

Project Bids Analysis Template

Project Bids Analysis Template

Firstly, for Project Bid Analysis, the bidding prices are to be compared with the company’s estimate. Analysts who perform these calculations are trained and well skilled, hence they can easily identify irregular bids and abnormal patterns. There are certain guidelines for identifying the unusual activities which help the analysts to do their tasks effectively and Read More

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Template

When you have a big company choice for making, one of the best actions during the look procedure is perform a SWOT Analysis Market Practice. A SWOT analysis is a contrivance for recording internal strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) in your business, as well as external opportunities (O) and threats (T). You can use this Read More

Mortgage Refinancing Spreadsheet Template

Mortgage Refinancing Spreadsheet

Many people choose to refinance their mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage means that you plan to replace the old mortgage with a new one to allow the borrower to get a better interest rate along with an even better interest term. Note that refinancing can only occur when the borrower has paid off the first loan Read More

Monthly Sales Projections Template

Mthly Sales Projections

We are living in age of competition and every business establishment or company needs proper planning and decision making to earn huge amount of profits to achieve chosen business goals efficiently in timely manners as planned. We all know very well that sales are the lifeblood for any kind of business organization or company because Read More

24 Month Sales Forecast Sheet Template

24 Month Sales Forecast Template

Let’s put the objectives of tomorrow on the road of today. How do you meet the growing needs of your business not just for today ,but long into the future is a complex question to which there is no confident answer. Every business has a system of sales forecasting which is the key strategy to Read More

Summary of Key Accounts Report Template

Summary of Key Accounts

The identification of key accounts is crucial for the success of any business, may it be small-scale or large-scale business. All the strategies adopted by the business revolve around the customers because customers are considered as the assets of any company. Managing relations with customers is necessary for the growth of business because these are Read More