Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

The company is committed to provide safe and productive work environment that is consisted with the standards of the community. Alcohol and other drug substance abuse in an office is the key factor that affects the employee’s productivity and increases absenteeism.


Drug and Alcohol Policy will provide the framework to tackle alcohol drug substance abuse issues in a supportive way and help in complying with the responsibilities of health and safety of the employee. Key elements of Drug and Alcohol Policy of an office will outline clearly how the company will deal with drug and alcohol abuse issues in an office. The policy should be written clearly for easy understanding. It should be communicated in a supportive manner and clear detailed procedures. Drug and Alcohol Policy should apply to all employees and staff of the company, and it should clearly address the issue of confidentiality. The company’s human resource department will be responsible for ensuring that the policy is monitored and reviewed at intervals.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness

Illegal drug substance use and the misuse of alcohol have many serious health and safety consequences on the user. The human resource department will provide information about substance abuse consequences and resources of help for drug or alcohol problems. This department has been trained to refer employee to medical providers and help those who have drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Employees’ Assistance

The company will provide help and support to employees who seek help for substance abuse problem before they become subject to discipline or termination under the Drug and Alcohol Policy. Such employees will be placed on paid leaves, referred to treatment providers or be accommodated as require by the law. Employees should report to work free of any side effects of illegal drugs or alcohol and fit for duty. This policy does not restrict employees from lawful use or possession of prescribed medications. However, employees should consult with their doctors about the medication’s side effects that can affect their fitness and ability to work safely.

Here is preview of this Drug and Alcohol Policy Template,

Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

Drug Testing

Job applicants must pass the drug test before they begin to work or receive any job offer, failure to submit to drug testing will result in disqualification. Employees will be subject to testing based on the observations made by the supervision of apparent workplace use or possession. Employees who use, posses, buy, or sell any illegal drug substance in violation of the company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy will be terminated and not be allowed to re-apply in the future.


Employee’s information and records to positive drug test results and medical explanations should be kept confidential to the extent required by the law. These records should be filed in secure files separate from the employee’s personal files. Such information may be disclosed when relevant to a charge, claim or legal proceedings initiated by or on behalf of the employee.


The Drug and Alcohol Policy gives the company the right to inspect its premises for drugs or alcohol. All employee, contract employees or visitors are required to cooperate in the inspection process, employees who refuse to cooperate or possess any drug or alcohol substance will be subject to appropriate discipline including discharge or termination.

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